THE Grattan After School Program

Is a  nonprofit, licensed after school program serving Grattan students.  GASP believes after-school is an extension of the school day and that learning does not end when the academic day is over.  By working closely with the Grattan Elementary School staff , GASP seeks to support students in their academic, social and emotional development. 

The program’s three tracks – Academics, Enrichment and Recreation to provide students with a balance of activities each day



Students spend approximately an hour per day, Monday through Thursday, engaged in academic endeavors.  Kindergartners have story time with a teacher, while 1-5th graders spend the time doing homework, reading, journaling, and more. While GASP is dedicated to providing a conducive environment for homework, we do not guarantee students will complete their.



GASP’s offers Enrichment Activities Every everyday. We offer enrichment in Gardening, Cooking, Art, Music, Sports, Science and more.  Please see our Calendar Page for a schedule of enrichment activities.



Recreation at GASP involves activities that get students ACTIVE – moving their bodies, honing their  skills and developing their gross motor skills.  Every day, GASP features 2 hours or more of recreation, including free play, organized games and sports and creative activities, such as dramatic play, and art.