General Information

  • Open Enrollment is from May 1st-15th. Space is limited, and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Returning GASP families are asked to confirm enrollment for the next school year by May 15th.

  • For parents who have New Students (students who have never been enrolled in GASP), please follow the instructions under “STEPS TO ENROLL A NEW STUDENT INTO GASP.”

  • For parents who have students who were previously enrolled in GASP, please follow the instructions under “ RE-ENROLL INTO GASP”

Mandatory Components of Enrollment

  1. Complete the online registration at Parent Portal

  2. Complete the Release Forms (located at the bottom of this page)

Failure to complete both steps of enrollment will result in no enrollment into program.

Steps to Enroll New students into GASP

  1. Please complete the Release Forms - Forms are located below!

    • Note: All Release Forms must be submitted during Open Enrollment. Failure to submit Release Forms will result in the de-enrollment of your student(s). Please notify GASP management know if you need assistance with filling out the paperwork.

  2. Please visit our Parent Portal.

    • Note: Online Registration will open on May 1st at 7:00am. Online registration will not be available prior to May 1st at 7:00am

  3. Sign in.

  4. Fill out mandatory release forms and submit them to GASP Office Monday-Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm (May 1st-May 15th).

All registration Fees & Security Deposits will must be paid via Parent Portal or by Check written to "Grattan After School" Program prior to enrollment.

What's Next? 

A confirmation of your enrollment will be sent to you after submitting your application with the status of your child’s enrollment.

re-enroll into gasp

Re-enrollment is just around the corner!  It is important that Grattan After School Program students re-enroll as soon as possible during Open Enrollment so that the GASP administration can begin planning and budgeting for next year. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is for GASP administration to determine class size, numbers of classes in each grade, and staffing.

Re-enrollment will happen at GASP from May 1st through May 15th.  Online Registration will open on May 1st at 7:00am.  Online registration will not be available prior to May 1st at 7:00am. Please see below for the enrollment process.

Re-Enrollment Process:

To Re-Enroll parents must re-enroll students (students currently enrolled and coming back ONLY) online at EZChildTrack.  Click on the Returning Students 2019-20 SY and complete the automated forms. If you do not have access to a computer please go to the GASP Office, Room 211 to Re-Enroll your student.

Documents For Start Of School:

The following MUST be up-to-date before school starts. These forms must be updated yearly:

  1. Identification and Emergency Information Child Care (Authorized Pick up)  (Lic 700)

  2. Authorization For Medication Administration Form, if applicable to your child ONLY (LIC 9221)

  3. Authorization For Medical Procedure/Treatment, if applicable to your child ONLY (LIC 627)

All of the above documents can be found here in the 2019-20 GASP Enrollment Packet. Forms can be submitted online (website) or turned into the GASP Office, Room 211.

New Students:

If your child is a new student, the above re-enrollment process does not pertain to your child. New students are those who have not been enrolled in GASP before, including siblings of current GASP students.

An email with more information on enrollment will be sent to you. You may get started early by visiting the GASP enrollment website. GASP will soon provide enrollment procedures and drop off days/times for new students, so please look out for those announcements.

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